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Affordable Live Production Hire

Video Village is an Audio Visual rental company offering affordable multicamera production equipment hire for outside broadcasts and live events.

LiveCase, our flagship group of products, are based around the Blackmagic Design ATEM system. These modular portable production units provide broadcast level facilities, and are designed to work as stand-alone or combined units dependant on production aspirations.

We have technicians who offer a wide variety of support, from advising what kit to hire to installing it on site. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

LiveCase Lite, Portable Production Unit, Multi Camera Production, Studio Instalments, Outdoor Broadcast, Video Village, AV hire, Audio Visual Hire

LiveCase Lite

LiveCase Lite is a simple to use 16 channel HD vision mixing unit, integrating a Blackmagic Design ATEM 2 M/E Switcher and Blackmagic Design 17” Smartview Monitor. Controlled via Internet Protocol (IP) technology, LiveCase Lite uses Ethernet connectivity and a built in 2.4GHz Wireless Access Point.

The built in IP technology allows for multiple devices to set up and control the LiveCase Lite. This can be done locally over Ethernet with devices such as the Blackmagic Design ATEM 1 M/E Broadcast Panel, or via Wi-Fi connectivity to devices such as the Apple iPad Air or even your own Smartphone*.

With the control of the LiveCase Lite distributed over IP, it also allows the possibility of remote control off-site via an external internet connection. Set inside a compact 6U flightcase, it is designed to match perfectly with our stand-alone Blackmagic Design 17” SmartView Monitor, which you may wish to use if you require more than 8 of the available 16 LiveCase Lite input sources.

Powered from a single 13amp plug socket this device is fast to rig and simple to use.

LiveCase Link, Portable Production Unit, Communications, Fibre Optic Inputs, Outdoor Broadcast, Studio, Video Village, AV hire, Audio Visual Hire

LiveCase Link

Created to work with our Blackmagic Design ATEM camera converters, LiveCase Link is a "camera channel" transceiver system working over single mode optical fibre.

Set inside a 6U flightcase, LiveCase Link houses two Blackmagic Design ATEM Studio Converters, delivering eight "camera channels" of HD video, embedded audio, tally, duplex talkback and return video.

We have adapted the Blackmagic Design ATEM optic fibre system from plastic LC to robust metal ST connectors. This means it is easier and faster to connect and couple cables together for longer runs to your cameras up to 28 miles away.

In addition we have added a Behringer Ultragain analogue audio pre amp and Behringer Ultralink mixer/splitter to allow up to eight mic or line level inputs to be used with professional XLR and TRS connectors. These mono inputs can be phantom powered (+48v) and can be mapped left, right or centre on the twin mono outputs. This enables these units to be used for three unique functions; By embedding all of the inputs into the main talkback loop. to mono or swop channels of analogue programme audio output from the LiveCase Lite for transmission, or to use the units for a combination of both talkback and programme audio utilising the independent channel mix and split functionality of the Behringer Ultralink Pro.

We have also added a two channel Canford Audio Monitoring Speaker Unit with adjustable level control. This allows gallery staff to monitor audio without the need for headphones.

LiveCase Link is powered off a single 13amp IEC socket and also includes a 10amp IEC output for powering additional devices such as a laptop or Blackmagic Design ATEM 1 M/E Broadcast Panel.

The unit includes a clear and easy to use rear patch panel, and features all the inputs and outputs of the ATEM Studio Converters to connect to your vision mixer, add additional units, or de-embed the AES audio of any of the camera channels for analogue audio mixing.

Although designed to match and fully support LiveCase Lite to add even more features and functionality, LiveCase Link is a stand-alone system that can be used with any SDI or HDMI vision mixing or monitoring system.

LiveCase Video Assist, Blackmagic Hyperdeck Studio, Portable Production Unit, Communications, Fibre Optic Inputs, Outdoor Broadcast, Studio, Video Village, AV hire, Audio Visual Hire

LiveCase Assist

LiveCase Assist is designed to offer SSD video record and playback functionality via a Blackmagic Design Hyperdeck Studio, combined with independent audio monitoring via a speaker unit and Behringer Powerplay XL headphone distribution amplifier.

It can either be used as a standalone system combined with our SDI Blackmagic Design SmartView 17" Monitor working as a 'Playback' device, or as the perfect partner to our LiveCase Lite Production Unit to record the HD or SD video output and monitor programme audio.

LiveCase Our Modular Multicamera Vision Mixing Units Are Now Available To Hire